Monday, January 20, 2014


So, it's been a little slow here lately. With that in mind I picked something awesome to post for my return. MAJOR CUNT are an awesome noisecore band hailing from Scotland. One of the members runs VILENOISE RECORDINGS, a lot of great noise coming out there these days, go check it out if you haven't already. Scotland seems to be the UK center for noise at the moment, with great acts like DEATHWANK, ANAL A GO GO GEDDON, and ASAHARA making the rounds up there. Maybe I should move there! Haha. MAJOR CUNT play a kind of raw grind/noise that isn't the harshest or most extreme noise going, but it's got it's own interesting style. Rarely for a noisecore band, you can usually make out the riffs being played quite well, which helps to define the unique sound that these guys are producing. It's kind of hard to describe, really. It's almost melodic, ALMOST. As melodic as noise can get anyway. Some riffs are even quite catchy. For these reasons some tracks don't sound as harsh as you might like, but some tracks are definitely harsher than a lot of noisecore coming out now, and taking most of the releases as a whole, they almost always flow from harsh noisy savage stuff to slightly less harsh, maybe-a-little melodic but still noisy stuff well. It never sounds out of place, and definitely makes for interesting listening. They don't usually play extremely fast, which is a shame, but definitely enough fast bits and each release is pretty powerful. Their sound doesn't change too much from release to release, which is great. Sometimes they put out live/rehearsal recordings, sometimes it sounds like a studio live recording. Almost always distorted, noisy, sometimes they even break out some solos hahaha. Definitely an interesting band, and one of my favourites from the UK at the moment for sure. Get their 100CANDAN release here, for the rest, get your ass over to Vilenoise!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


So, the legendary DECHE-CHARGE. What can I really say about these guys, that hasn't already been said? and probably better than I can? Well I can tell you that they have released a LOT of material! A lot of it is great, some of it is not so great, but it's all noisy as hell and quite varied. They have a huge collection of almost all their recordings on their blogspot site (some of it is missing however). A lot of it is pretty badly tagged too. I'm not going to bother reviewing their stuff here, it's all been done before many times over, and if you're into noise then you probably know all about these guys anyway. What I will do though is provide you fine people with their first ever demo, "Metal Deche Cores", the "Tremblement De Noise" demo, and their 1024 song EP from 1995.
If you want more then visit their blogspot and start downloading!